Jessica Lucatelli
Olá, candidato!
Meu nome é Jessica Lucatelli, e faço parte da equipe de Recrutamento & Seleção  HEINEKEN.
Gostaríamos de convidá-lo para participar do processo de Recrutamento & Seleção para a oportunidade:
JP-42941 - Analista de Marketing Sênior - São Paulo
Detalhes: Job Purpose

The CMI Senior Analyst is an integral ‘business partner’ to the craft team, providing strategic intelligence to the craft business. The current analysis encompass portfolio, brand, PRICE, promotion and innovation whilst measuring marketing effectiveness.
Mandatory analysis skills in terms of market intelligence (Nielsen), can have basic skills on research methodologies and handily dots connections.
Also a strong interface with revenue management is also required.

Main Responsibilities

Deliver assertive Business Analytics and Reporting Capability
Data Management
Brand performance
Price and promo control
In depth Market and Consumer Reporting (Retail, Home panel)
Consumer KPI Measurement and Reporting
Lead Brand Health measurement and Communications tracking;
Lead the consumer connection agenda (visits and drops);
Support Innovation research agenda, collaborating with Innovation to develop and test concepts through the innovation funnel.
Manage and optimize budget and resources to increase ROI of research spending

Graduation Mandatory.
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